2018 Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame
Inductee Nomination and Election Procedure

2018 will begin a new process and procedure for the nomination and election of the 2018 Induction.
The nominations came from a nominating committee that was established this past October by the SEWSTHOF Board of Directors.
The nominees were determined in March of 2018 and then publicized in the VMSC Newsletter, HOF Web-Site, Facebook, Radio and Newspapers.
The election will be by VMSC Member Ballots that will be distributed in May by VMSC Newsletter or by Mail.
Ballots must be post marked by May 31st 2018.
Each voting member will select Five nominees for the class of 2018.
Plus an optional space for a write in candidate if you choose to use it.
The ballots will be counted by the Board of Directors and the top five nominees receiving the most votes will be selected as the 2018 Inductees.
Honorees will be made known as soon as all are notified of their acceptance.

The induction will take place on the first Saturday of November (11/3/2018) at the Schauer Center - Hartford.