Welcome to the SE Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame!

After World War II, starting about 1946, various factions came together to spawn rabid interest and participation in short track car racing for which Southeastern Wisconsin was justly famous nationally.

Creating this local phenomenon that has lasted over 60 years were a group of talented drivers, mechanics, and builders along with enthusiastic promoters, and car sponsors. Together they had the skill, the willingness and the boundless sense of sportsmanship that provided countless thrills to thousands every summer.

To honor the greats of this racing era and to commemorate and preserve this very real slice of Wisconsin history the Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame, housed at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford was formed in 2006.

The Hall of Fame depends on and thanks the Museum board and our fine Hall of Fame sponsors for their support. They are the reason we exist.

The Hall of Fame honors the true greats of this racing era, many of whom have gone on to prominence in auto racing. Deserving others will follow in future years.

At the Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame, history is preserved, honored and displayed for race fans of all ages to enjoy and relive.

Have a great visit.

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